Migraine headaches

Tired of those debilitating migraines taking over your life? Discover relief and solutions at Bellaire ER!

Common Sympthoms:

Migraine headaches are more than just regular headaches. They often come with intense pulsing or throbbing pain, possibly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Early recognition is key to managing and treating these severe headaches effectively.

• Throbbing Pain: Often unilateral, this intense pain can make daily tasks unbearable.

• Sensitivity to Light and Sound: Many sufferers prefer dark, quiet rooms during an episode.

• Nausea and Vomiting: A common accompaniment making the experience even more debilitating.

• Visual Disturbances: Known as "auras", they can be flashes of light or blind spots.

• Dizziness: A sensation of spinning or losing balance.

• Tingling in the Limbs: A numb or pins-and-needles sensation in the arms and legs.

Need Immediate Medial Attention?

When to Visit Bellaire ER:

Migraines can often be managed with over-the-counter treatments or prescription medications. However, when a migraine is more intense than usual, lasts longer than 72 hours, or if you're experiencing one for the first time, it's time to search for "emergency migraine relief Bellaire" or "urgent headache care in Bellaire". Bellaire ER is proficient in addressing acute migraine attacks, ensuring you receive the right care.

Combination of Symptoms:

While a headache alone might seem manageable, a migraine is more than just a headache. The combination of throbbing pain, light and sound sensitivity, and potential visual disturbances can make it crippling. If these symptoms persist or intensify, they can hinder daily functioning and require medical attention.

Signs You Should Visit the ER:

Certain situations accompanying a migraine necessitate an immediate ER visit:

1. Sudden, Severe Onset: A headache that starts abruptly, often described as a "thunderclap”.

2. After a Head Injury: If a severe headache follows a head injury. Along with Neurological

3. Symptoms: Difficulty speaking, vision loss, or weakness in an arm or leg. New Headache After

4. Age 50: Especially for those who haven't historically suffered from headaches.


Migraines are not just headaches. They're severe neurological events that require understanding, management, and sometimes, emergency intervention. At Bellaire ER, we understand the complexity of migraines and offer the most comprehensive care. Never underestimate the power of early treatment.

Don't let migraines dominate your life. If you're in need of immediate relief, trust Bellaire ER. Find us here, come by in-person at 5302 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, TX 77401, or call us at 713-660-0001 to secure your appointment. Your well-being is paramount to us!

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