Head Injuries

Did you or a loved one suffer a head injury? Let Bellaire ER's top professionals assess and treat, ensuring optimal recovery.

Common Sympthoms:

Head injuries can manifest in a myriad of ways - from throbbing headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, memory issues, to mood changes. Early detection can make a difference.


• Headaches: A common symptom after head trauma. It can range from mild to severe and might persist for days.

• Dizziness: Feeling lightheaded or as if the surroundings are spinning.

• Blurred Vision: Difficulty in seeing clearly or experiencing double vision.

• Memory Issues: Trouble recalling events before or after the injury.

• Mood Changes: Unexplained irritability, sadness, or emotional instability.

Need Immediate Medial Attention?

When to Visit Bellaire ER:

Head injuries should never be taken lightly. Searching for "best ER for head injuries" or "head injury treatment in Bellaire, TX" will lead you to us. Trust Bellaire ER for top-tier care and the expertise to address the complexities of head injuries.

While Some Symptoms Might Seem Harmless in Isolation:

It's crucial to understand that when it comes to head injuries, even seemingly insignificant symptoms can signal a more severe issue. If you or a loved one experience a combination of the symptoms or their persistence, it’s essential to seek medical care.

Signs You Should Visit the ER:

• Loss of consciousness, even if brief

• Seizures

• Persistent vomiting

• Unequal pupil size

• Clear fluids leaking from the nose or ears

Why Prompt Attention Matters:

Immediate treatment for head injuries can prevent complications and improve the chances of full recovery. Delays can lead to irreversible damage or complications that could have otherwise been prevented.


Head injuries are complex and potentially life-altering. At Bellaire ER, our expert team offers comprehensive care ensuring you get the best possible outcome. Prioritize your health and seek immediate attention after any head trauma.

For expert care, get directions, visit us at 5302 Bellaire Blvd., Bellaire, TX 77401, or call 713-660-0001 to book an appointment.

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