We cover all your needs

At Bellaire ER, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to cover all your emergency healthcare needs. Whether it's an immediate consultation through telemedicine, walk-in treatment for urgent conditions, swift ambulance services for critical situations, or advanced diagnostics to ensure accurate and timely intervention, we've got you covered. Our skilled triage team efficiently assesses your condition to provide immediate care, while our observation services ensure that you are stable and safe post-treatment. We also offer dedicated pediatric care and specific services such as treatment for fractures, lacerations, and complex conditions like heart attacks or strokes. With Bellaire ER, you can rest assured knowing that whatever your emergency, we are fully equipped to handle it.

Diagnostic Services

ERs are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools like X-rays, CT scans, and laboratories to quickly identify the cause of a patient's symptoms and start the appropriate treatment.

Walk-in Services

Bellaire ER offer walk-in services where patients can receive immediate care without needing an appointment. This is particularly useful for urgent, non-life-threatening situations.

Observation Services

For patients who require extended monitoring after immediate treatment, ERs provide observation services. This allows healthcare professionals to monitor patients closely and ensure their condition is stable before they are sent home.

Triage Services

Upon arrival at the ER, the triage staff assesses the severity of each patient's condition to determine who needs to be treated first. This is a critical part of any ER service.

Ambulance Services

For life-threatening emergencies, ERs often provide an ambulance service. This includes highly trained paramedics who can start lifesaving treatments even before the patient reaches the hospital.


This service allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals over the phone or video call. It is a popular choice for those who need urgent care but are unable to reach the ER immediately.

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