Open 24 Hours

Emergency Room

also treating Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic patients

We are a fully equipped Emergency Room and Immediate Care center that is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We offer similar services as any large hospital in Houston / Bellaire with little or no waiting time.  We are like a medical clinic, urgent care clinic, or trama center but more, and we do NOT require an appointment.  We provide immediate care for all simple and critical illnesses and accidents! Serving Bellaire, Westbury, West University, Southside, the Galleria, and other areas of metro Houston.

  • Everything a hospital emergency room care has but without the wait
  • Affordable price options
  • Our staff is American trained board certified in critical care emergency medicine
  • Fully prepared to treat all major and minor illnesses and accidents
  • Fully equipped Lab, X-ray and CT Scanner
Urgent Care and Emergency Room Center located in Bellaire, Texas
We are a fully equipped immediate health care center that offers similar services as any large hospital would offer but without the wait. We can handle small healthcare problems and critical care problems that may require admission to a hospital.  If necessary we can admit a patient to any hospital.  A medical or trauma problem will be treated by a qualified critical care physician. We see many patients with pain and we offer various methods of pain treatment. We can treat a wide array of medical illnesses and accidents, going beyond an average urgent care clinic.
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