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Imaging Services in Bellaire, TX

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Imaging Services

Importance of Advanced Imaging Services in Bellaire, TX

When it comes to the detection and diagnosis of medical conditions, disease, and injuries, there is only so much a physical examination can tell us at an urgent care in Bellaire. At Bellaire ER we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which allows us to provide advanced diagnostics and imaging services in Bellaire.

The influence of digital medical imaging in emergency healthcare is always growing. Chronic diseases and other health threats are detected earlier, making treatments more effective than an urgent care in Bellaire. When the utilization expands beyond medical diagnostics and into the lines of prevention and therapy, it can contribute significantly to lowering healthcare costs on a global scale.

On-Site Medical Imaging at Bellaire ER

As an independent diagnostic facility, we are focused on providing the highest quality urgent care in Bellaire to the Houston, TX community. With a full-service Radiology Department in-house, we are capable of obtaining and providing results promptly.

Efficient Imaging & Diagnosis

Getting fast results is important in any ER, especially when your health is on the line, but accuracy is just as critical. Our 24-hour emergency room has on-site digital imaging services in Bellaire, TX to provide our emergency physicians with precise imaging results in only minutes. Because of this, we can evaluate your results and provide you with quick, effective urgent care in Bellaire.

  • X-ray machine for basic skeletal and soft tissue evaluations
  • CT scanning equipment for non-invasive 3-Dimensional imaging of internal and skeletal organs
  • Ultrasound imaging for obstetric, abdominal and vascular evaluations

Average Wait Time: Less than a minute!