Differences between standalone emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments

What is the difference between standalone emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments? Is there any difference in the quality of service offered in both? Well, a lot of people are often confused when it comes to differentiating between the two facilities and we want to address the issue and demystify whatever goes on in both. Although they are both the same in terms of providing emergency medical services, there are some notable differences between the two and we are going to explore them today.

Here are the 5 most common differences between standalone emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments;


First of all and the most important difference by far, is the location of the two. Whereas a hospital’s emergency department is attached to the hospital or is close to the facility, a standalone emergency room is out on its own and is detached from a hospital completely. The hospital and the emergency department have to be affiliated to one another. The emergency department of a hospital might be physically attached to the rest of the hospital or might be detached but should be within the same compound. For standalone emergency rooms, their location is determined by a number of factors e.g. the demand and availability of resources. The standalone emergency room might or not be affiliated to a certain hospital.

Immediacy of care

This is where the standalone emergency rooms have the edge over the hospital’s emergency departments. Because standalone emergency rooms are located all over the city they can be easily accessed by the people in need for quick and urgent care. Since hospitals’ emergency departments are attached to the hospitals and the hospitals are only located in specific areas of the city, it can be difficult for patients living far away from the hospitals.


Hospital emergency rooms are inevitably populated by a lot of patients and this makes it extremely hard to receive urgent care when one needs it most. Thanks to their number, standalone emergency rooms on the other hand tend to have fewer people waiting in line. America has recently seen an influx in the number of standalone emergency rooms and they have taken the pressure off the public hospital facilities. If you are looking for the quickest medical services when you are in need of some therefore, the standalone emergency rooms should be your best bet.

Quality of service offered

When it comes to the quality of services offered in the two emergency rooms, the standalone emergency rooms reign supreme. They reign supreme because the physicians have all the time in the world to attend to the patients. The doctors in the hospital emergency rooms are constantly under pressure and they tend to rush the treatment. They will go straight to the problem and will have very little time to ask about the medical health and whatnot. The standalone emergency rooms have a personal feeling attached to their services in a way. Right from the moment the receptionist records your information to the time you see a physician, there is some form of organization in standalone emergency facilities that attracts many people.

The check in and check out process

For standalone emergency rooms, everything is organized. Because the emergency department of the hospital is regarded as a separate entity from the hospital itself, there tends to be a gap in communication and transfer of patient information. This is why the check in and check out process in the hospital emergency departments is tedious. The standalone emergency rooms on the other hand have dedicated receptionists and secretaries whose sole purpose is to usher in the patients and record their information. This makes the check in and check out process extremely easy. This is why there are very few cases of billing problems in standalone emergency rooms and on the hospital emergency departments have very many cases of wrong billing.

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