10 Things You Should Bring to the Emergency Room

10 Things You Should Bring to the Emergency Room

An ER visit is never a smooth experience. For one, you have to deal with the smell of iodine mixed in with the smell of saline. Besides that, you have nurses who appear too busy to look at you. These feelings of frustration coupled with the nature of the severe cases at the ER can be quite stressful. That is why we at https://bellaireer.com/ have prepared a list of things, which we think you should bring on your next ER visit.

Shaved arms

Shave arms are an especially important consideration for the swarthy. It will be quite crucial once you are about to leave the ER. For one, when you get to the ER, you may require having an IV drip placed on your arm. This drip is usually held in place with tape.

You should know that the ER nurses would not take their sweet time to shave your arms unless it is life-threatening. When it comes time to remove the bandages, they will rip it out, and it is going to hurt. Taking a few minutes to shave your arms will save you a lot of pain.

Your pajamas

A visit to the ER can either be entirely fast or end up taking all night. It is very uncomfortable to sit on the tiny plastic chairs all night in your tight jeans. It is already going to be a lousy ordeal so you might as well make it comfortable with some comfortable clothes. Do not be worried whether the ER staff is going to judge you. Your comfort needs to be your primary consideration.

Some fluffy blankets

As already mentioned, a visit to the ER will most likely not take less than four hours if you are lucky. The best way to get through it is to bring your fluffiest blanket along. While waiting for the nurse to attend to you, ensure that you bundle up in it and get some rest as you may still have to attend work tomorrow, which can be a nightmare if you never slept all night.

Bring some entertainment with you

At the ER, you will see some great TV screens, but most of them are just infomercials. If you do not want to be bored out of your mind as you watch repeating infomercials bring along some entertainment. It can be your phone or an iPod with your favorite music. If possible, bring along your charger, as you never know how long you may have to be at the hospital.

Bring along all necessary personal medical records

When you bring along this medical records, it will shorten the time that you spend in the ER. The staff will have many questions for you, which can be confusing. However, if you bring these records with you, it will take them less time to complete their work.

A full account of everything

When you report to the ER for a specific case, you do not just need to explain your medical history. You will provide precise details of what took place. If you took any video of the incident, bring it along with you. It will help the nurses make a reasonable assessment of what might have occurred and how severe the case might be.

Bring your glasses and other personal items

If you use retainers, glasses, contacts or anything else, bring them along. In some cases, the ER visit may only be a few hours. In others you may have to spend the night there. It can be quite stressful if you have to send people home to collect these items for you.

Snacks and drinks

While you can still buy sandwiches at the ER, be assured that they will be quite dry and tasteless. However, after waiting for a while at the ER, you will undoubtedly get hungry. For that, you will need to bring some snacks and a bottle with some drink from home. It will ensure that you get through the ordeal without having to endure the bad food as well.

Big fuzzy socks and some slip-on shoes

One thing about the ER is that is quite cold. There is a good reason for this of course; cold temperature kills germs. However, for you, that will mean your feet will be quite cold. That means you need to bring some big fuzzy socks if you want to stay warm through the night. The situation can be even worse in winter when the ER door is continuously being flung open as more patients are brought in.

Bring some patience

One important thing that you will need in the ER is patience. No matter how busy you might be, a visit will usually never take less than an hour. If you start screaming at the staff, it will not makes things move any faster. That will only tier you out and frustrate you.

Bug Bites in Texas That Can Land You in the ER

Animals, insects and birds are all part of nature which we should embrace. Some of these creatures can be extremely friendly and are really adorable. Animals like cats and dogs are very adorable and it is no surprise that most of us have petted them and even share beds with them. Some birds like parrots are equally impressive and we all enjoy their company. Whereas most animals and birds are harmless to humans, there is a category of crawlies and bugs that are extremely dangerous and need to be avoided at all costs. Such crawlies are scary and will attack you at the first instance of provocation. Sometimes, they can even attack you without your knowledge because you crossed paths with them unknowingly.

Some of these bugs and animals have bites and stings which are extremely dangerous. Some of them have poison which is dangerous to human beings and can potential kill or maim a human being. Others have bites and stings which might not be fatal but cause a lot of swelling and inflammation to the skin. You will therefore end up in the emergency room to receive treatment. Actually, bug bites and stings are some of the most common reasons why people visit emergency rooms in America. They account for more than 10% of all the emergency room visits made in the country.

These bugs are very common in Texas and are active especially during autumn when the daylight hours are relatively fewer. Today, we want to examine some of these bugs with dangerous bites and stings and an explanation of what you should do incase these bugs attack or bite you. Here are the 5 bug bites in Texas that can easily land you in the ER;


The scorpion is among the most dangerous living thing in the Texas area. They are a member of the class arachnida and are closely related to spiders. They have one of the most dangerous stings in the animal kingdom. The last tail segment contains the stinger also termed as a telson that transmits a toxin to the recipient of a sting. They attack when provoked or stepped on although some sting people without their knowledge. Most of the stings from scorpions are relatively harmless although a small percentage of scorpions have venomous stings which are potentially lethal to human beings and other animals. The stings are particularly more dangerous to small children with weak immune systems.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse adult spiders are typically more prevalent during spring, but you may also see younger brown recluse spiders in your home after the summer mating season. Although these spiders are described as shy and non-aggressive, one or two bug bites from a brown recluse can lead to severe pain, disfiguring skin ulcers, and even life-threatening complications. These spiders often live in dark areas like cellars, closets, attics, in small crevices, and under sinks and furniture.

Black Widow Spiders

In Texas, the black widow spiders are by far the most dangerous crawlies. They are actually more dangerous not just because of their venom but because they are able to conceal themselves. They live in dark places including houses, garages, and cellars. It is therefore very easy to step on them or come into contact with these scary spiders without your knowledge. Their bite is relatively painless and the symptoms will take some time before they set in. If you are bitten by a black widow, you may experience chills, fever, severe pain, tremors, difficulty breathing, and you may quickly lose consciousness. Without proper medication and treatment, you can easily succumb to a black widow bite. It has claimed a good number of lives in the United States already.


Ticks are the other common bugs in Texas which can have a serious bite. Ticks are present in cattle and in pets like dogs. Sometimes, when we interact too much with the cattle and spend too much time outdoors, we risk getting bitten by these bugs. Their bites are relatively painless and don’t have any infections. Some ticks however have bites which can easily pass diseases such as the Rock Mountain Spotted Fever and the Lyme disease. It is therefore wise to stay away from these ticks as much as possible.


Hornets sting and their sting hurts so much. Unlike a bee which stings dies immediately after inflicting pain and transferring the venom, a hornet can sting you a couple of times and still survive because it does not lose its sting. The stings can trigger serious reactions especially in people who are allergic to them. Hornets are common in Texas and have caused a lot of people to go to the emergency room. Their sting causes you to swell and it is very painful. Although the stings are relatively harmless, some people have anaphylactic reactions to these stings and can suffer from serious complications.

Why emergency rooms make you wait?

Despite an increase in the number of emergency rooms across the country, there still is overcrowding in medical emergency rooms in America. It is rare to find an emergency room in America empty. If anything, the average waiting time in emergency rooms has only become worse. People are waiting in emergency rooms for as long as two hours before they can see a physician. This is a worrying trend which needs to be addressed.

Unless you have endured the agony of waiting in line to receive emergency services, you will never quite understand how inconveniencing it is. If you have endured the pain, I am sure you were asking yourself why they made you wait for that long in line before serving you. Is it that your medical condition is not as serious? Are the emergency room staff members incompetent and negligent? Why do emergency rooms make you wait?

Well, there are a number of reasons why emergency rooms make you wait to receive medical care in their offices. Some of the reasons are out of the control of the physicians while some are manageable. Here are the top 5 reasons why emergency rooms make you wait;

Your medical condition

Emergency departments are places that have throngs of people coming in by ambulance, by private cars, on foot, and, in some cases, by helicopter. These people have all kinds of problems with all levels of severity. The severity of your medical condition will therefore have an effect on the priority you will get from the doctors in the emergency room. Using triage, the doctors are able to assign priorities to medical emergencies depending on the urgency of the condition. In America, priority is given to more serious and life threatening conditions like trauma and heart attacks. When people are in such conditions, the facility always strives to ensure that they attend to them first before they can think about the other conditions like headaches and sneezing. This does not mean that the other ailments are not treated with seriousness, no, every patient has a right to be treated but following triage, you will have to bear with a little waiting in line if your condition is not as severe. This is actually one of the reasons why the emergency rooms make you to wait in line before you can see a physician.

The hour you choose to visit the facility

The hour you choose to go to the emergency room will also play a very vital role in determining whether you will receive a speedy service or will have to wait in line. The best hours to visit an emergency room for far less urgent medical conditions according to a recent study, are between 6 am and noon. During these hours, most hospitals don’t have as many patients waiting in line and you are guaranteed to get quality medical care. During these morning hours, the average waiting time is close to 30 minutes. The worst hours to visit the ER are from 2 pm to midnight. These are the times that most emergency rooms receive the highest number of visitors and you will therefore have to wait a little longer in line before you can be attended to. Sometimes, the emergency rooms are so full that you have to wait for close to an hour before you can be attended to. After weekends and public holidays especially, people flock the emergency rooms with headaches and results of too much fun and partying.

Insufficient physicians

The other thing that will affect the amount of time that you will have to wait before receiving medical attention in an emergency room, is the ratio of medical practitioners to the number of patients. In most emergency rooms, the number of patients overwhelms the number of doctors. This means that the patients have to wait for longer before seeing the doctor.

The nature of facilities available

The other factor that will affect the amount of time required before you can receive the required treatment, is the nature of the available facilities and resources in the emergency room. The availability of resources and facilities or lack thereof will have a direct impact not just on the amount of time taken for you to receive a service but the nature of service you are bound to receive. This is why you need to opt for a well-equipped facility at all times to increase your chances of receiving quality urgent medical care always.

Having said this, it is important to note that Bellaire Emergency Room has more than sufficient numbers of doctors and medical practitioners to warrant a quick and quality medical service delivery. Our doctors are ever present at work and will attend to you in the shortest time possible. This is why the average waiting time in line for our emergency room is always below twenty minutes.