10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma Under Control

A third of all asthma patients in the US, are kids under the age of 13. This is a more than worrying trend because asthma management in children is one of the most tedious tasks any parent would want to contend with. And while managing the condition in adults proves to be more than a challenge, the task is even more challenging in children.

Managing asthma in children is very difficult because they literally depend on their guardians and parents to provide a solution once it attacks. Children can’t see the telling signs and prepare themselves and they don’t know what to do when the attacks persist.

As such, the honors are on you the adult and the rest of the family to equip yourself with knowledge on how to handle your kid’s asthma and help them lead a stress-free life. Although we understand that this can be challenging, we have put together top 10 tips to help you get your child’s asthma under control. Here are the tips, as provided by our physician;

10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma under Control

Equip yourself with knowledge on asthma

Unless you, the adult has suffered from asthma in the past, you can’t quite understand what it feels like. It is therefore important to equip yourself with knowledge on what asthma is, the symptoms, medication and ways to reduce exposure to the triggers. Understanding asthma is the first step towards successful managing of your child’s condition.

Find your child the best possible asthma doctor

Once you are aware that your child is asthmatic, it is imperative to get him or her the best possible doctor. A good doctor will not only prescribe the medication required to manage the condition but will advise you on how to manage the condition at home.

Understand the triggers that cause the attacks

The other important thing that you need to understand as a parent of an asthmatic child, is what exactly triggers the attacks. Understanding these triggers will help you know how to limit your child’s encounters with these triggers.

Advise your child to stay away from these triggers

If your child is old enough to take instructions, you can warn them against interacting with the agents that trigger their asthma attacks. The triggers range anything from some scents to pollen grains. Explain to the child why the agents are harmful to them and the benefit of reducing contact with the said agents.

Act swiftly on the early warning signs

Asthma, just like many conditions, has early warning signs and you as a parent, should be able to tell when an attack is imminent and act swiftly. For you to be able to tell the early warning signs though, you’ll need to be very observant and watch your child over a long period of time.

The best thing once you suspect that an attack is imminent, you should call your doctor and seek advice on what to do. The earlier you do this, the better it is for your child.

Buy your child an inhaler and ensure he/she carries all the time

One important medication that is used to manage asthma, is an inhaler. Inhalers are used to suppress bronchospasm and they help to relax the lungs and open the airways. Seek advice from your doctor on the best inhaler to buy for your child and get it.

Once you have an inhaler, the next step is to explain the importance of the same to your child and make them understand the times when they need the inhaler. You can ask for assistance from your doctor on this subject as they are trained to pass this kind of information better.

Involve other people in managing the condition

Managing the condition of an asthmatic child, is not a one man task. It will need all hands of the household on deck. If all people in the household understand how to handle the possible eventualities, then responding to emergencies pertaining the child will be very easy.

Ensure you have a good quality emergency room on standby

Besides hiring a good doctor to offer medication and advice on how to handle the situation, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the nearest emergency room. Knowledge of the nearest emergency room will come in handy when emergency strikes at night and accessing your doctor is hard.

Let Bellaire Emergency Room help you manage your child’s conditions

If you are in Bellaire and its neighborhood and are looking for the best emergency room to help respond to any emergency pertaining your asthmatic child, then look no further than Bellaire Emergency’s way.

We are an all service emergency room offering high quality and affordable services to the locals of Bellaire and are looking forward to helping manage your child’s nagging asthmatic condition.

10 Things to Know About Donating Blood

Without blood donations, millions of lives would be lost every year. The only reason why some people are still alive today, is because another human being, relative or stranger, was kind enough to donate some of their blood to help save a life. The importance of blood donation can therefore not be stressed enough!

Having noted the importance of blood donation, it is unfortunate to also report that there is a plethora of myths and conceptions which are associated with blood donation. These baseless myths are misconceptions are part of the reason why most blood banks are almost empty and patients have to plead for blood every single day.

Here at Bellaire emergency room, we understand how important blood donation is to any society and are therefore providing information and facts on blood donation to enlighten people and encourage them to donate blood even more. Here are 10 facts and things to now about donating blood to get you started;

10 Things to Know About Donating Blood 

Blood donation is good for your health

Contrary to popular opinion, donating blood does not make you susceptible to infections and diseases. If anything, donating blood boosts your health because it is good for your heart. See, donating some blood, reduces blood’s thickness and stickiness which makes it easy for the heart to pump the blood to the major organs.

The blood you donate, is replaced in hours or a few days

The blood that you donate is very quickly replaced. All the fluids; plasma part of the blood is replaced  within hours by the foods that you eat while the red blood cells take a little longer to develop, usually about a month. This therefore goes to show that the donation won’t affect you as much and everything will be running as normal.

Any blood group can donate blood

There is no limitation to as who can donate blood and who can’t in terms of blood groups. As long as you are a healthy adult with enough blood in the body, you can donate blood. All the issues pertaining blood groups will be sorted by the blood banks and recipients will always get the right type of blood.

An adult’s blood donation can save up to 1,000 lives

Want to know just how precious your blood donation is? Well, one man’s blood is capable of saving up to a thousand lives. There is an incredible story of a man who saved more than 2 million babies because of his rare blood. The man, James Harrison, had blood rich in anti-D immunoglobulin which was used to treat babies with Rhesus disease.

Blood donation helps lose weight

A single donation of blood equates to about 650 calories which is what you use in a 30 minute run. By donating blood therefore, you’ll not only be saving fellow humans’ lives but will be losing weight indirectly.

In the United States, a new person needs blood every two seconds

Want to know how much your blood is in demand? Well, every two seconds, someone somewhere in the United States, is in need of your blood. Majority of the blood recipients are cancer patients and traumatic accident victims. The blood is also vital in surgeries and even used by our servicemen while protecting us out there.

Selling blood is not only illegal but is totally unethical and inhuman

In the United States, blood donations should be purely voluntary or when need arises. Trying to solicit money from victims or their families during their times of need is not only illegal but is totally unethical. Imagine you on your deathbed desperately in need of blood and the only eligible donor, is asking for a couple million dollars, how would you feel?

There are no side effects associated with donating blood

There is nothing painful or hazardous about donating blood. It is a quick and painless procedure which will be over in just a few minutes. You also experience no side effects after donating blood and you can go about with your activities.

Go out and donate blood today

If you are a healthy adult, doesn’t have any condition barring you from donating blood, make a point of going out and donating blood. You can donate at the nearest hospital, contact any blood bank in your state and donate blood. Even if you are not eligible to donate blood, you can volunteer and help making the process as seamless as possible.

Bellaire residents need your blood

As an emergency room in Bellaire, we understand how crucial your donated blood is. We therefore urge the locals of Bellaire to turn up in large numbers and selflessly donate blood. If you have any queries pertaining blood donation, give us a call here at Bellaire Emergency Room and we will greatly be of service to you.

10 New Habits for a Better Life

With this modern sedentary lifestyle, comes a number of dangerous habits which negatively affect our lives without our knowledge. Such habits affect not only our health but our productivity and social wellbeing. Fortunately though, a lot of these habits are things that can slowly be changed hence leading to a better life all round.

To help you overcome some of the bad habits that might be plighting your life and holding you back health-wise and productivity-wise, here are 10 new habits for a new life. These are professional habits which have been tested over the years and have been found to work positive miracles. Try these 10 new habits for a better life and a better you;

10 New Habits for a Better Life

Early to bed, early to rise

Ever wondered why almost every successful person claims to be up by at least 5 a.m.? Well, turns out this habit of waking up early really helps you to get stuff done and have enough time on your hands to even venture into other activities. For you to wake up early though, you’ll need to drop that phone or switch off that television and catch enough sleep. Early to bed, early to rise it is!

Eat healthy foods

Very little can be done on an empty stomach but even lesser can be done on a badly fed stomach. Yes, if you don’t eat healthy foods, then chances are that other aspects of your life will be affected as well. Unhealthy foods are the leading cause of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

Eat healthy. Eat a balanced diet. It will not only make you healthier but will help you be more productive and honestly, more good looking.

Hydrate your body more

Lack of water affects your skin, increases food cravings, triggers headaches and generally makes you weak. It is therefore important to ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of clean water in a day. It might sound too much, but that water will do you a lot of good. Who doesn’t want a flawless skin?

Work out or at least stay active!

Working out is not reserved for athletes and other professionals in related fields. Working out is for everyone and its benefits can’t be stressed enough. See, working out helps manage body weight, helps to tone the body aesthetically and also keeps you engaged. These are all health benefits which can change our life in a flash.

If enrolling in a gym is a goal too far for you, then at least exercise on a regular basis. Remain active at your workplace by taking stairs, walking around instead of just sitting down the entire workday. This will not only boost your body health but will improve your productivity.

Be wise about your finances

Financial discipline is something we lack as a generation and the future is honestly bleak- unless we make saving habitual. Have a good understanding of your financial picture and your spending habits. It is advisable to be judicious in your spending and save as much as you can. This does not however mean that you should be a miser leading a miserable life- enjoy the benefits of your work but save something for the rainy days ahead.

Read more

They say that what you feed your mind, determines how it processes information. It is therefore important to feed your mind with the best possible information and knowledge. There is no better source for such information than books. Make reading habitual and it will do you memory, decision making and general handling of life issues better.

Limit your social media usage

Social media is a very crucial aspect of our lives today. Used wisely, it is a goldmine of opportunities, information and connections. But if we are not careful about the way we use the various social media platforms, we can fall into the bottomless abyss of addiction which can hamper progress in our lives. You should only spend about half an hour in total on the various social media platforms.

Manage your time better

Time is money and unless you want to be poor forever, learn to manage your time wisely. There are very many tools that are availed to us through technology that can help you manage your time better. There are various apps which can help you plan your day and work with routines.

Go out more- life is short

We sometimes get caught up in the act of hustling for a better life that we don’t even get to live the life. Besides working hard and earning lots of money, we should set aside time for ourselves and our families. Go out more, socialize as much as possible and live life to the fullest- it is shorter than you can imagine.