Who visits the emergency room?

Who visits the emergency room? Who are the people behind the numbers? Well, to understand who visits the emergency room in America, we took a look at the emergency room statistics as provided by the National Center for Health Statistics and there is a growing trend behind the numbers- more Americans, insured or not, are attending the emergency rooms.

Who Visits the Emergency Room?

1/2 of Americans used an emergency room in 2017

Well, this is a telling number and just about sums up the progress of emergency rooms in America- 5 in every ten Americans used an emergency room in 2017 which is an increase from the initial 4 in every 11 Americans in the year earlier.

In the year 2017 alone, a total of 165.7 million people visited emergency rooms in America. This is an increase compared to the 130 million who did the same in the year 2013. This is a positive sign showing that more people are embracing the idea of using the emergency room for their medical conditions. The number of visits is expected to go up by another 10% in the next two to three years owing to the education and sensitization programs by medical practitioners on the importance of emergency rooms.

57% of emergency room visits were from insured patients while the rest were uninsured

Of all the people that visited the emergency room in 2017, 57% had private insurance or used Medicaid to pay for the services. This is an increase from the previous data which showed that only 40% of all emergency room visits were made by insured patients. This goes to show that more Americans are embracing medical insurance.

25 in every 100 of all ER visitors are between 25 and 44 years old

A quarter of all the emergency room visitors are in the 25-44 age group. These are the people who are well informed and are cautious in life. They are equally outgoing and daring and are prone to illnesses and injuries. These people make up the largest number of people who end up being admitted in the intensive care units. This is because most of the people in this age group are brought to the ERs because of accidents either at work or on the road. Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of deaths in America and this is one of the most affected age groups.

40.5 Million injury-related visits

This is a massive statistic that helps demystify the idea that only people involved in accidents actually use the emergency rooms. This is only a third of the total number of people who actually end up in an emergency room in America. The remaining two thirds is made up of people suffering from other ailments like asthma and many other chronic ailments.

Only 15 million of all the visits resulted in hospital admission

Of the 165 million people that visited the emergency room, only 10% ended up hospitalized. The other 90% or so were discharged upon treatment. This only goes to show that most of the cases reported to the emergency rooms are only mild and don’t require further medical attention. Most of the cases that required hospitalization were cases of heart attacks, trauma, migraines and other serious ailments. Those with minor ailments like sneezing, excessive coughing and those who visited as a precautionary measure are most of the time treated and discharged to go home.

Only 2 million ended up being admitted to critical care units

The other important thing to note is the number of people who ended up in ICUs and other critical care units. These are essentially people who were on the verge of losing their lives but the efforts of the physicians and other practitioners in the emergency rooms helped save their lives. These are largely people involved in accidents or are struck my misfortunes like heart attacks. They are a small number but they require a lot of attention and care. They are the people who are normally given the priority using triage and take up most of the time in emergency rooms.

Children under the age of 15 make up the highest percentile of visitors to emergency rooms

More than 30% of all recorded emergency room visits in America were by patients with 15 or less years. This is a massive number but it is easy to see why. In this stage of life, kids are playful and not cautious. Kids in this age group are therefore prone to accidents and injuries. Their immunities are also pretty weak and any sort of infection will most probably take a toll on them. A good statistic worth mentioning is that only about 5% of these kids end up being hospital which shows that most of the ailments are only mild.

Which emergency room should I go to?

Which emergency room should I go to? This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves when looking for the best emergency room to visit when the time comes. Understanding the best emergency room to go to in advance is very important because you never know when emergency will come knocking at your door.

Emergency rooms are life savers literally. They are open 24 hours a day and this accessibility makes them very good alternatives to the traditional medical institutions. Emergency rooms are also located closer to neighborhoods than traditional hospitals and this makes them ideal for responding to medical emergencies.

When looking for the best emergency to go to, there are a few things which you should take into consideration. These are things which you should look out for when looking for the best emergency room for your family so that cometh the hour, you will be assured that the emergency room you choose will not disappoint you.

Best Emergency Room to go to

A good emergency room should;

Be close to your workplace and home

One of the main reasons why people prefer emergency rooms over the traditional medical institutions, is that fact that emergency rooms are easily accessible. As such, when looking for the best emergency room to make your own, you should ensure that the emergency room is close to both your home and your workplace.

You never know when and where the emergency will occur but home and the workplace are the two most common suspects when it comes to emergencies. It is imperative therefore to get an emergency room which is easily and quickly accessible from both places.

Be properly staffed

Any good emergency room should be well staffed with multidisciplinary professionals. For any emergency room to be run smoothly, it has to be run by sufficient and qualified medical practitioners.

From nurses, nurse practitioners to physicians, the emergency room should be properly staffed and the staff members should be present at all times. Ask about the qualifications and certifications of the staff members before choosing an emergency room because you don’t want to entrust your life and those of your loved ones to rogues.

Be equipped with the latest equipment and technology

Without proper equipment and technology, it virtually is impossible for emergency rooms to operate smoothly. When looking for the best emergency room near you, it is important to ensure that whatever emergency room you choose, has the latest medical equipment and that they employ the latest technology in their service delivery.

Should offer a wide array of medical services

A good emergency room should obviously offer a wide array of medical services. They should be able to comfortably handle the medical conditions which are reported to them. This ability to handle a plethora of medical conditions, is down to proper staffing and availability of good medical facilities.

In the event that the emergency room cannot handle a given complication, they should be able to refer you to a higher medical institution which can treat you. This therefore calls for a good professional rapport between that emergency room and other institutions around it.

Should offer complementary services

What other extra services does the emergency room offer? Any goof emergency room should offer good complementary services aimed at improving their customer relations. Some emergency rooms offer ambulances as part of their complementary services while others charge their clients for ambulance services.

It goes without saying that you should always opt for an emergency room that offers incentives and complementary services. Such emergency rooms show that they care about their clients and who doesn’t want to feel appreciated in life?

Offer flexible payment options and accept your medical insurance

Away from treatment, any good emergency room should offer flexible payment options to its clients. Emergency room services can be a little costly at times and without flexible payment options, a lot of people would not be able to afford the services offered.

Insurance is also a very critical matter when it comes to emergency room payment options. Some emergency rooms are choosy in the medical insurances that they accept. Always ensure that you ask about acceptance of medical insurance before choosing the best emergency room for you and your family.

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Where is emergency room near me?

Where is emergency room near me? What is the best emergency room near me? How do I find the best emergency room near me? These are some of the most common questions which people ask themselves when looking for the best emergency room near them to cater for their medical emergencies.

Emergency rooms are mushrooming across the country and rightly so. They play a very vital role in the healthcare industry and have helped ease the pressure from the traditional healthcare facilities. They are closer to people and are accessible at any time of the day.

Because of their importance, emergency rooms play an integral part in influencing people’s decision on the best neighborhood to reside in. When looking for a good neighborhood to move to, people look at the proximity of healthcare facilities and emergency rooms in particular.

Where is emergency room near me?

In the event that you have moved to a new location and haven’t located the best emergency room to call upon when you are in emergency situations, then worry not because here are tips on how to locate the best emergency room near you. Here is how to find the best emergency room near you;

How to find the best emergency room near me

Let Google help you find the best ER near you

If you are in a limbo about the best ER near you, dive online and let Google or any other search engine help you find a good ER near you. Use Google maps to pinpoint emergency room services.

Use the address and location information provided on the maps to contact the emergency room. Use the web address provided to visit the emergency room’s website and check out some of their services.

Make good use of Social media

A lot of emergency rooms have social media accounts nowadays and you should take advantage of this to find yourself a good ER near you. The beauty of using social media to find a service, is you get to read comments and reviews about the service provider.

However close the emergency room you find might be, if the reviews they are getting are not positive, avoid them like plague. Go through the comments on the emergency room’s social media posts and you will be able to get a feel of the quality of service they offer.

Get referrals from friends, family and neighbors

If you are new in an area, feel free to talk to your neighbors, friends and other family members living in the area to find a good emergency room near you. Get a couple of suggestions and recommendations and choose the one you feel is the most appropriate.

Talk to your family doctor or dentist

A lot of the time, your family doctor or dentist, will have an idea of where to find the best emergency room near you. Doctors, dentists and other physicians have professional connections and these help them refer patients to the right facility.

Even if your dentist or doctor won’t provide accurate locations of emergency rooms near you, they more often than not, will provide you with useful information you will need when looking for the best emergency room near you.

Take a drive around your neighborhood

Sometimes, all it takes to find the ideal emergency room near you, is a walk or drive around your neighborhood. Over 80% of all neighborhoods in America have a medical facility- an urgent care center, hospital or emergency room- within a 5 km radius. Chances are high therefore that if you take a drive around your place, you will stumble upon a couple of emergency rooms.

Knock on some doors

Once you have a list of emergencies rooms near you, it is time to knock on some doors. It is important to personally visit these emergency rooms to determine what the situation on the ground is like before making a decision.

Before settling on a given ER, there are a few considerations that you will have to make. Consider the proximity of the ER to your home and workplace, the state of the facility and equipment therein, the staffing of the ER, their payment options and other things like insurance.

In a nutshell, a good ER needs to be accessible both from your workplace and home, needs to be staffed by multidisciplinary emergency care experts, needs to be equipped with the latest technology and equipment, offer flexible payment services and offer complimentary services such as ambulance services.

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