Is Urgent Care Like the Emergency Room?

Is Urgent Care Like the Emergency Room?

You are preparing supper at home when you accidentally slice through your thumb to the bone. In a rush to get medical attention, you rush to an emergency room such as However, that is not your only option. You could go to an urgent care center where you may end up paying a fraction of the cost. To get to know whether you should go to the critical care facility or emergency room, here are a few differences you should understand. It should help you to make your choice.

When you should Visit the Emergency Room

The primary way to choose between the emergency room and urgent care is to ask yourself why you are visiting. If the answer is that you think the condition is life-threatening, then you should visit the emergency room.

However, you may not always be able to determine if this is the case. If that were so, the best decision would be for you to go to the emergency room and let the specialists there determine it for you.

There is no fixed list of conditions for which, you should only choose the ER. However, if you feel the condition could put your life at risk, the ER is the best choice.

When to Choose Urgent Care

There is also no fixed list of situations under which to go to an urgent care center. The rule is that if the condition is not life-threatening but still requires immediate treatment, you should go to critical care.

However, if the person is showing signs of being in a life-threatening situation, you should call the ambulance and let them take patients to the ER. The care they receive could make the difference between life and death.

Cost and Time are in Favor of Urgent Care

The cost of an ER visit makes it quite encouraging to visit an urgent care center. On average, critical care costs are $50 to $150. It will be dependent on the patient’s insurance cover and the kind of treatment they require.

About 70% of all people who visit urgent care centers have insurance. Thus, the only cost they incur is co-pay. For those without insurance, they have to pay for things such as lab tests, x-rat, and casting. Thus, they can expect to pay a bit more, but it will still be quite affordable.

On the other hand, visiting the ER can be quite costly. One study put the median cost at about $2000. Another issue with the ER is time. At urgent care centers, patients are seen on a first come first serve basis.

However, the ER will see patients depending on how severe it thinks their situation might be. It is quite common for people with things such as a fractured finger to have to wait for hours to be seen by the doctor. The reason for this is that it is not considered a major emergency. At an urgent care center, wait times can be as short as 30 minutes.

Cost for the ER vs. Urgent Care

According to various studies carried out over the years, the cost of the ER is about four times that of the urgent care for most conditions. For instance, if you have an allergy and you visit the ER, you can expect to pay about $350. The same will cost you just about $90 if you go to the urgent care center.

The Prudent Layperson Standard (PLS)

When deciding whether to go to the ER or urgent care, the PLS is one of the significant factors to take into account. It is a standard which states that each person should be able to make a decision based on their layman’s understanding of medicine. Insurers use this rule to determine whether the visit to the ER was justified.

If you go to the ER for something like a cough, the insurer may refuse to pay for the costs you incur. If you had gone to an urgent care center, the insurer might agree to cover you since the price of such treatment is quite cheap there.

It could mean you accrue more debt on your credit card. However, if the case is borderline, the insurer may agree to cover you. It is a situation where you are unsure whether you would have survived or not. For instance, if you had shortness of breath, fainting, or dizziness, you can visit the ER and your insurer will pay for it.

However, if you believe that your case was genuine, it is still possible to appeal. The process is not simple, but if you are determined, the insurance will agree with you and pay for the treatment. To ensure that your insurer will agree with you study the appeal process. For costs running into tens of thousands of dollars, you may want to consider getting a lawyer to help you with the process.

How to Find an Urgent Care with CT Scan

How to Find an Urgent Care with CT Scan

Urgent care centers have become quite popular in recent years. The main reason they are most preferred to emergency rooms such as is that they are quite fast. If you have a non-emergency procedure like a CT scan, it would be better to visit an urgent care facility. However, not all of them have equipment such as CT scan. Here are a few tips to find a critical care facility with a CT scan.

Call the Urgent Care Center

There may be numerous urgent care centers in your area, especially if you live in a densely populated area. The best way to find one with a CT scan is to call. Ask them if they have a CT scan. It is the easiest way to find out if they have the equipment, you require.

Visit the Urgent Care Center’s Website

Most urgent care centers will have a modern, well-maintained website with a lot of information. They will usually contain a list of the services that they offer. Check the website and see if they have a CT scan.

Ask Your Friends

You will most likely know of people in your neighborhood or family who have had to visit an urgent care center. Give them a call and inquire if the facility they visited had a CT scan. Besides that, they will give you information on how much it may cost you to get the procedure done.

Additionally, they will inform you of the quality of service. For instance, you should ask how long one had to wait to see a doctor. With this information, you will be able to determine whether you should visit the facility or not.

Use the internet

Use the internet to find an excellent urgent care center in case you are not sure. Do a simple search using a web browser to find one that works great for you. In the search results, the centers will come with a star rating.

Choose the facility that has the highest rating. If there is more than one, look into the reviews. It will give you an idea of what you can expect. It is especially important to read the negative reviews. It will help you to decide if the cons outweigh the cons of visiting such a facility.

Check the location of the facility

The location should be an essential factor when choosing an urgent care center. The reason for this is fuel costs. You want to keep the costs of visiting the center as low as possible. Sometimes you may have to visit the center more than once, which could significantly raise the fuel costs that you incur.

Check whether you need a CT Scan Performed

A CT Scan is usually performed to check for internal injury or internal bleeding, among other reasons. Before you decide that you may require a CT scan, talk to your GP. He or she will tell whether you need a CT scan or not. If necessary, it may help to make a quick diagnosis, which may save your life.

Look for a center with modern Ct Scan technology

CT scan technology has come a long way since its invention. Today, there are CT scans that can do the procedure in minutes. Besides that, they can give you exquisite detail, revealing even the tiny blood vessels in the brain. With the new CT scan, any anomaly can be detected in good time, and you can get the right diagnosis. Besides that, current CT scans use less radiation that some older models. Thus, you are not exposed to unreasonably high amounts of radiation. It can help to avoid complications later in life that arises from exposure to too much radiation.

Ask your doctor

Most urgent care centers operate well after regular working hours. You should call your doctor and ask him or her to recommend you to a good critical care facility. He will most likely know of a few centers that use the latest CT scan technology. That way, you do not have to make multiple visits to urgent care centers before you find the right one.

Use social media

There are numerous social media platforms in existence today dedicated to medical issues. Sign up to one of them and inquire about the best urgent care center you should visit. You will get numerous replies, and you can proceed to use one of them to find the right center for your needs. It is one of the easiest ways to find an excellent urgent care center.

Check the working hours

While it is true some of the urgent care centers work late into the night, not all of them do. Besides that, some of these centers are usually closed on weekends and public holidays. Find one that operates during the hours when you require their services.

Urgent Care Like a Hospital?

Urgent Care Like a Hospital?

When faced with a life-threatening emergency, you should defiantly visit a hospital ER or an independent ER like However, if you have an illness that does not have any immediate life-threatening implications, you should go to the urgent care center. Here we are going to understand the similarities and differences of hospitals and the urgent care center.

Similarities between Hospitals and the Urgent Care Facility

Your insurer will still cover you depending on the facility you visit. Thus, at some hospitals, just like at some urgent care centers you will not get insurance cover. This will usually depend on the kind of agreement the insurer has with the facility. It is thus important for you to look for a facility, which is covered by your insurer. This could help to keep your cost of treatment low.

At both of these facilities, you can still get access to lab facilities and other testing facilities. For instance, most urgent care facilities will have an x-ray, MRI, CT Scans, blood work and other equipment required to make a diagnosis.

In case you visit an urgent care center or a hospital, you will have access to a qualified physician. It is the reason why people opt for a hospital visit. However, they may not know that most urgent care centers will usually have a doctor available at all times.

Differences between the Hospital and the Urgent Care Centers

Treatment for serious conditions

At an urgent care center, they do not have the facilities to treat chronic illness. For instance, if you have chronic cancer, the urgent care center cannot help you. They may help to stabilize the symptoms but only a hospital can help with the treatment.

For instance, do not expect to find radiotherapy equipment at the urgent care facility. Their activities are limited to simple procedures that help to stabilize the patient and eliminate any discomfort that they may have.

Long-term medical follow up care

Another difference between urgent care and a hospital is the long-term follow-up care. Most urgent care facilities will not keep long records of a patient’s care. In most cases, if they make a follow-up, it will usually be over just a few days or weeks.

However, at a hospital, this is quite different. At the hospital, you can expect them to keep a record of your visits, sometimes extending over a few decades. They use these records to predict or diagnose ay ailments that you may have.

Thus, although it is great to visit an urgent care center for minor issues, you should still ensure that you visit the hospital when you have a serious issue. Do not simply wait it out and hope it goes away. In some cases, conditions such as cancer can be mitigated if they are found early.

Overnight hospital stays

You should also know about admission. At urgent care centers, overnight stays are quite rare. In some cases, such stays are non-existent. They just do not have the capability to keep patients overnight for observation. However, hospitals will have facilities to keep patients around for weeks or months when needed.

If your condition deteriorates and you have to stay overnight, the urgent care facility will most likely send you off to a hospital. This will only lead to more costs for you. It is thus essential for you to ensure that your condition is not major when you decide to visit the urgent care center.

The location

Location is another major difference between urgent care centers and hospitals. Most hospitals will be located near the city center away from the suburbs. Thus, a hospital visit usually requires a lot of money and time. If you feel that your condition is distressful but not life-threatening, you should go to the urgent care center. It will take you less time and cost you less.

If you choose an urgent care center, it is quite possible to find one located in your neighborhood. As the need for urgent care continues to rise in the US, their locations are also expanding. With a simple online search, you may be able to one close to home.

The size of the crowds and the wait times

Another major difference between a hospital and the urgent care center is the crowds. Most hospitals, especially in major urban centers will be quite crowded. They will have to handle a wide range of conditions such as burns, gunshots, broken bones and much more.

Thus, if you visit the hospital, you may be placed at the back of the queue. The result is that you may have to wait for hours before anyone attends to you. However, this is not the case at the urgent care centers. Most of them have a first come first serve policy. Thus, if you were in a rush, it would be the best option. You will usually be served in about 20 minutes.

How to Find an Urgent Care with OB-GYN

How to Find an Urgent Care with OB-GYN

Urgent care is a concept that has caught on quite fast in the US. It is mainly due to some inadequacies that patients face at emergency care centers such as For instance, the queues at urgent care centers are usually quite short. Besides that, these facilities work on a first come first serve basis. Thus, you can expect to see a doctor and be treated for about 30 minutes after stepping into the facility. If you would like to visit one with ob-gyn services, here are a few tips on how to find one.

Do an online search

If you would like to find an excellent urgent care facility that has ob-gyn services, an excellent way to do it is by using the internet. Some of the critical care services may not have this function since it requires a specialist. However, you can still find one if you do an internet search. Most urgent care facilities in your area that offer this service will no doubt have it listed as one of service which they provide.

Call the urgent care center

In some cases, the critical care center may have just recently included the ob-gyn services and may not have listed them online. In such an instance, a phone call can help to clear things up. Give them a call via the phone number they have listed on their site to know if they offer the service.

You can use the internet to find this number, or you can use a phone directory. Here you will find the numbers listed and the services they offer. Even when they have not recorded ob-gyn services, a phone call can still help to confirm if they provide the service.

Ask your GP

If you require ob-gyn services, your GP can help you. He or she will no doubt know of a few urgent care facilities that offer the service. He can give you a few recommendations, and you can proceed to choose from one of them. It is one of the best ways to get access to a real urgent care center.

Visit ob-gyn forums online

These are forums dedicated to discussing ob-gyn issues. Look for a forum dedicated to the location in which you live. Use this forum to identify an urgent care facility that offers this service. You can do this by seeing comments on what others have recommended, or you can pose your question on this matter.

Use the responses you get to identify one that you think meets your requirements. Besides that, you can ask respondents for further information. For instance, you can ask them about the amount you can expect to pay.

Additionally, you can ask the respondents about insurance. If you find one that accepts your insurer, it will be the best. You will be able to keep costs low while getting the medical services that you require.

Ask family members and friends

Another way to find the right urgent care center with ob-gyn services is to talk to your family and friends. Ask them if the facility they visited has an ob-gyn. It is especially so if they required treatment from an ob-gyn.

Ask them about the quality of service. For instance, you can ask if the ob-gyn makes any follow-ups after the initial visit. The reason for this is that you may need to visit an ob-gyn more than once to get your issues sorted out.

Check the location of the urgent care center

If you find a critical care center that offers ob-gyn services, you need to check its location. The reason for this is that you want to get there as soon as possible. Besides that, if it is a long way from home, you may have to incur extra charges for fuel. Ideally, you would want to find an urgent care center that is as close to home as possible. It will ensure that you can make a quick dash to the center and get back home as soon as possible.

Read reviews about the center

The internet makes it possible for anyone displeased with the services they get to air their grievances. Look for these online reviews before you make your choice. You should read both the positive reviews and the negative ones. It informs your way into making informed decisions.

Check operating hours

Some of the urgent care centers will run on weekends and even on public holidays. However, not all of them do. Some of them only operate like the doctor’s office. Ensure the urgent care center you choose is operational on weekends and public holidays. That way, you do not have to skip work every time you need to visit the ob-gyn.

10 Differences: Urgent Care vs. Hospital

10 Differences: Urgent Care vs. Hospital

Urgent care facilities are becoming quite popular following hot on the heels of emergency rooms such as bellaireer. The main reason for this is that hospitals are not able to cope with all cases presented to them in good time. However, urgent care centers may be a bit confusing for some people. Here are some of the main differences between them.


One of the biggest differences between a hospital visit and an urgent care visit is the cost. Most critical care facilities charge far less than what you would expect to pay at a hospital. Even without insurance, the cost of a visit to an urgent care center is usually less when compared to the out-of-pocket cost of a hospital visit. For relatively minor issues, a hospital visit should be the first option.


At hospitals, patients are usually attended after triage. As a result, if you have an issue such as a sprained ankle, you may be pushed to the end of the queue. The result is that you may be in writhing in pain for hours before anyone has time to attend to your needs. At an urgent care facility, such crowding is not there. Any discomfort you have will be attended to as soon as possible.


Another significant difference between hospitals and urgent care is that hospitals are usually entirely inaccessible because of distance. However, a critical care center could be located right in your neighborhood. As they continue to increase in number, access to health services will only become easier.


If you have something such as a laceration on the hand, an urgent care center should be your first choice. However, hospitals are better equipped and staffed to deal with serious issues. For instance, if you require a surgical procedure done, the best place to have it done would be at a hospital. Urgent care centers may not have the equipment to carry out complex procedures.


One of the most significant differences between a hospital and an urgent care center is congestion. At some hospitals, the queues could be almost a hundred people long. In most urgent care centers, queues are short, which reduces wait times to just about 20 minutes. If you hate being in crowded spaces, the urgent care center is the right choice for you.

Great doctors

If you visit a hospital emergency room, most of the doctors are overworked and have a short fuse. Thus, they usually do not have time to empathize with the patients. It can be a bit traumatizing, especially if it is a kid being treated. If possible, you should always look for an urgent care center where they can be treated with peace of mind.

Doctor’s Advice

At an urgent care center, you will likely receive extra advice when you go for a visit. Hospital, if you visit the emergency center attached to the hospital, you may not get this advice. The doctors are just in too much of a rush to attend to all cases with personal opinion. In some cases, you may not receive information that could help you avoid similar incidents in future. Whenever possible, you should always choose an urgent care center for this purpose.

First come first serve basis

At an urgent care, patients are served according to how they get to the facility. That means you will not have to wait for long periods. The reason for this is that urgent care facilities will refer the most severe cases to the ER. Thus, if you just needed a quick would wrap on your way to work, going to the urgent care center would be your best bet. You know you will be attended to and still attended the fundamental duty to which you were assigned.

Simplified Bills

It is common to hear of people claim that the hospital overcharged them on their hospital visit. Sometimes, they may include services which you are sure were never given to you. However, this is not the case with urgent care centers. Since they do not operate 24/7, they have more time to get their documents in order. It is thus likely that you will receive a simple bill, which is relatively easy for you to understand.

Great Facilities

Most urgent care facilities use the latest equipment out there. The main reason for this is that urgent care facilities are still entirely new. It is unlike hospitals, which may have been around for decades. Consequently, the equipment they use may be quite outdated in some cases. It includes aspects such as the software used at urgent care centers compared to that used at hospitals.


The piece above gives the difference between urgent care centers and hospitals; however, this short list should prove quite useful in helping you to make your choice. In most cases, if you have a relatively minor issue, going to an urgent care center will be the best choice.

How to Find an Urgent care without Insurance

How to Find an Urgent care without Insurance

The cost of urgent care varies by location. However, it is going to be cheaper than visiting a high-quality emergency room such as The main issue with critical care facilities is the location. One may charge $50 while at another location; you may pay $200 for the same condition. If you want to find the best center and do not have any insurance, here are a few tips.

Call ahead to tell them you do not have insurance

The best way to find an urgent care center if you do not have insurance is to call ahead and inform them of your situation. In most urgent care centers, they will have a solution. For instance, some will have generic drugs that are just as effective but at only a fraction of the price. This way, you will still be able to afford care and keep out of pocket costs to a minimum.

Besides that, when you call and tell them you have no insurance, they will tell you if the treatment will be expensive for you or not. For instance, you may be told that you will still get care, but it will cost you a lot. In such a case, you may even get recommendations for other facilities that can help you keep costs low.

Search online

A simple way to find an excellent urgent care center if you do not have insurance is to search online for the best centers for someone in your situation. If an urgent care center offers service to those without coverage, you will no doubt find it listed online.

However, just because you do not have insurance does not mean you have to settle for less. Ensure that you conduct thorough research online. Look for a facility that will offer you all the services that you require for your condition. For instance, if you have a fractured leg, ensure that they have working x-ray machines.

Check that they are open

Medical emergencies arise at any time. You may wake up in the middle of the night with a constant cough. Whether you have insurance or not, you want to ensure that, the facility is open when you get there.

One of the ways to do this is to search for their working schedule online. See if they are open at the time when you need their services. You can also make a call to them. Ask them if they are open at the time. If you do not get anyone on the other side of your call, it is more than likely that they are not open at that time.

The last thing, which you want to happen, is to have to do drive to an urgent care center and find all the doors closed. Not only will you have wasted money on fuel, but you could also be potentially putting your life at risk.

Ask for recommendations from your friends

If you know of any of your friends that had an emergency when they were without insurance, you might want to give them a call. Request them to provide you with the name of the urgent care center to which they went. You can then proceed to ask them how much the treatment cost them.

You can do this a few times and ask each of your friends how much it cost them. With this information, you can be able to estimate how much money it will cost you. You will be able to weigh the kind of treatment you will get and the cost of the treatment.

Check the location of the urgent care facility

If you go to a critical care center in a high-end neighborhood, there is a good chance you will have to pay a lot of money. It is especially so if you do not have any insurance cover. However, if you visit an urgent care center in a rundown part of town, there is a good chance you will get a good deal.

The main reason for this is that such a facility will already have been used to dealing with people who do not have insurance. Thus, they will already have measures in place to keep costs down. For instance, it is more than likely they will have generic drugs in stock for such situations.

Join online forums

Access to the internet is an excellent way to find the right urgent care center to join on the online platform. Here you can follow up on the discussions and find a center that accepts those without insurance.

In most cases, there will be lengthy discussions about visiting a particular facility versus visiting another. You can go through these discussions until you find one, which has all the amenities that you need. For instance, you may discover that a particular facility offers low costs but their quality of service is equally low.

10 Differences: Urgent vs. Primary Care

8 Nov 2017 General Health

10 Differences: Urgent vs. Primary Care

Over the years the quality of healthcare services has been improved and continue to do so across the health sector. It has led to the creation of various medical options meant to provide patients with the healthcare that they need when and how they need it to be delivered. However, the presence of alternative healthcare services makes it confounding for some patients or their guardians to choose. One common differentiation mistake made by people in need of medical attention is the difference between urgent and primary medical care. Their distinct features render them useful for patients with differentiated medical needs. Here is a compilation of ten differences between critical and primary medical care to help you make a choice that will enable you to get the best medical care that you so deserve.

Nature of Medical Cases

Urgent care entails medical conditions that require immediate medical attention to prevent further severity or even death to the patient. Critical cases are usually unanticipated but usually prepared for by the relevant medical institutions. Incidents such as car accidents where there is severe bleeding, heart attacks, fresh gunshot wounds, savored body parts such as the nose or ear are some of the urgent medical cases that require a professional’s immediate attention mitigating their severity or prevent sudden death.

Primary care, on the other hand, entails medical conditions that are dealt with more systematically. These are the kind of cases that can take time to develop within your body but if left unchecked for a significant amount of time may prove to be fatal. Chronic illness such as; diabetes, cancer, hepatitis are some of the medical conditions that require primary care. Colds, the flu, coughs, infections, cuts, scratches, and bruises are also taken care of under primary care, unless they are at a higher level where the patient needs immediate medical attention.

2. Time Before Getting Treatment

Medical cases that call for fundamental care can wait, thus are characterized by doctor appointments at given intervals of the week, month or year. Urgent medical attention, however, is granted within the shortest available time of the patient’s arrival time at the medical institution.

3. Type of Medical Procedures

Given the distinct nature of medical cases between urgent and primary medical care, the procedures are bound to differ. For urgent care where most cases entail an endeavor to save a life or mitigate the risks of further physiological harm; the medical procedures may require surgery, CPR or even remedy shots considering the medical emergency. Whereas primary care involves processes such as flu shots, therapy, vaccinations, and drug prescriptions to mitigate stop or prevent the development of specific diseases or infections.

4. Follow Ups

Primary care entails the forming of a professional relationship between the client and their physician. That relationship is meant to ensure a consistent follow up on the patient’s medical progress with the aim of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Urgent care, on the other hand, is designed to be performed more hastily thus the relationship between the doctor and patient is relatively casual. And the patient’s health progress is checked up on during the period that they are within the medical institution until they are discharged.

5. Treatment Period

Urgent care compared to primary care is relatively short term, considering the cumulative amount of time taken from each type of medical care. Given that in critical care the aim is to deal with the medical condition at hand, whereas primary care deals with long-term, upcoming and potential medical issues that may affect a particular patient.

6. Schedule

Urgent care does not entail a specified program for treatment; patients are therefore admitted by merit of the urgency for which they need medical assistance. Primary care, however, involves scheduling of appointments with the physician within a given interval of days, weeks or months. The time range may vary based on factors such as age, medical condition among other things.

7. Visiting Hours

Urgent care and the institutions that provide it tend to experience extended working hours including weekends due to the unpredictability of a medical emergency. No one ever really knows when someone will get a heart attack or get involved in a fatal car accident. Primary care visits, on the other hand, are set on a schedule based on given intervals such as some days, weeks or months.

8. Medical History

Urgent care entails a more immediate medical procedure thus there is no time to go through a patient’s medical history. In a lot of cases the patient is not even known to the physician; therefore, the medical information used for urgent care is based on recent events. Whereas in primary care the medical history forms the basis of a client’s treatment plan.

9. Medical Approach

Primary care is characterized by tests and observation of given symptoms that are meant to help the physician make a diagnosis and later determine a treatment plan, which is procedural. Urgent care, on the other hand, requires a spontaneous diagnosis and treatment plan to avoid further physiological harm.

10. Health Promotion vs. Health Sustenance

Primary care is designed to ensure health promotion, which is why clients undergo regular checkups and follow up medical procedures. Urgent care, however, is meant to sustain one’s health and help prevent further physiological damage or demise.

Hopefully, the information from this article will help improve your approach to getting medical care. With the knowledge on the differences, you should have a picture of the local medical institution that will efficiently provide you or your loved ones with the appropriate healthcare when the need arises. In case you get an institution that efficiently provides both medical services such as the Bellaire ER, then good for you. Just be sure to visit the relevant wing of the medical center guided by your medical needs.

How to Find an Urgent Care with X-Ray

How to Find an Urgent Care with X-Ray

There are numerous reasons why you may need an x-ray. For one, you may suspect that you have a fractured leg or arm bone. Thus, you may want to get an x-ray so that you can get the medical attention you need. Besides that, you may also have a chest infection such as tuberculosis. An x-ray can help to confirm if this is the case. That way, you will receive the treatment you need in good time. It will also help to determine whether your lung needs to be cut out or not.

Ask your regular doctor

Many doctors now take considerable caseloads to pay the bills as the cost of living continues to increase. As a result, you may end up being squeezed out of the appointment because your case is not considered severe enough. Even if you were to make it to an emergency room such as, you might end up being sent to the back of the queue.

It has led to many urgent care services providers to bring x-ray equipment to their facilities. If you are lucky, your doctor will no doubt know of a few centers in your area. He or she could recommend a few that you can visit. Besides the x-ray, you may also benefit from a physical exam depending on the facility that you choose.

Look for one that is still open

While not all urgent care facilities open all night, there are some that do. You can be sure that they will not wait times as long as the ER even in the middle of the night. In most cases, not only will you find an x-ray machine, but you will also find a qualified doctor present. Studies show that about 65% of all urgent care centers always have a doctor present.

If you are lucky to find one that is operational in the middle of the night, ensure that the doctor is present. That way, you will not just get the x-ray done but any additional care that may be needed as well. Finding out if the facility is quite secure; just check the facilities website and see which hours they are open. You do not want to drive to a facility and find it closed.

Check whether they are compatible with your insurance provider

Most urgent care centers are not just famous for being able to offer quick service. They are also known for being able to provide extremely low prices. They can achieve this by covering patients from a wide range of insurers. Always inquire if they will accept your insurer before going to a specific urgent care center.

One of the ways you can do this is by speaking to a friend who uses the same provider as you. If they respond in the affirmative, you should visit that center. The costs will be quite low with minimal out of pocket payments.

Look for one with extra services

At a hospital, you will charge a lot of money for blood work and other lab tests. However, these costs are minimal at the urgent care. Not only is this great for a patient but the employer as well. If you are an employer and you cover all medical costs by your employees, it would be better to direct them to an urgent care center.

Look for one that offers a comprehensive list of services for their diagnosis. For instance, if they have a suspected case of tuberculosis, they may require a chest x-ray well as a lab test. It will help to keep costs low while getting the service you need.

Use search engines

One of the easiest ways to find an urgent care with x-ray is by searching for it online. Just key in a few words related to what you need. In search results, you will get a few options from which to choose. Check the rating of each facility and select the ones with the highest score.

Now you can start reading the reviews. Taking time and read the negative reviews. These are usually honest and give insight into what you can expect when you visit the facility.

Ask your friends

One of the easiest ways you can find an urgent care center with x-ray machines is by asking your friends and neighbors. If they live in the same neighborhood with you, a few of them will no doubt know of urgent care facilities in your area. Besides that, they will what kind of services you can expect to find there.

These friends will also know the shortest routes to get to these facilities. Talk to them and ask them to give you recommendations. If possible, ask five of them and pick the one that gets the most positive reviews. Do not be afraid to ask them in-depth questions to help you make the perfect choice for your medical needs.

How to Find an Urgent Care with Ultrasound

How to Find an Urgent Care with Ultrasound

Because of the long wait times at emergency centers like and primary care hospitals, urgent care centers have become quite popular. However, most people do not understand these centers.

Urgent care centers will operate beyond the regular working hours of most doctors’ offices. Besides that, they at times have an extensive scope of service. If you are in need of ultrasound, it may make more sense to go to an urgent care center than a hospital. For one, you do not have to deal with long wait times and prioritization of patients. Here are few tips on how to find an urgent care center for the ultrasound.

Ask the primary care physician

Sometimes, the primary care physician may not have an ultrasound machine. Besides that, you may need to have an ultrasound conducted when he or she is not at the office. However, you can still call the office and ask for information.

He or she will no doubt have information on a few urgent care facilities where the ultrasound can be done. Besides that, he or she will help you identify a critical care center that is within your network. That way, you do not have to incur out-of-pocket costs that are too high.

Ask your insurance provider

One of the best ways to identify an excellent urgent care center with ultrasound is to ask your insurance provider. Just call the office and ask them if they have an in-network critical care facility within your location. It helps you to cut down the costs since the insurer may cover some of the costs.

Talk to an urgent care network

In some cases, critical care facilities will operate as part of a network. In such a case, it would pay to call the network and ask if they have a facility within you are. It can be quite helpful since some of their facilities may not have been listed yet. In some cases, being listed in a business directory could take weeks or months, and you may just happen to need an urgent care center during this time.

Do a simple internet search

The internet is one essential tool for anyone looking for an urgent care center that has ultrasound facilities. You will most likely get a few results when you conduct an internet search.

It will be up to you to choose one that has everything you require. Just check out the respective websites and read about what they offer. After that, you can write or call and inquire about the ultrasound facilities. This way, you do not end up making a futile trip only to find that there is something wrong with their ultrasound equipment.

Use a business directory

Physical business directories still exist. Here, companies list their phone number, services, and address. You can use these directories to find an urgent care center that will help you get your ultrasound.

Call a few of them and inquire if they still offer these services. The reason for this is that these directories can only be updated once every two years or annually. As a result, some of the services listed may no longer be offered.

Join women’s health forums in your area

If there are any forums on women’s health in your area, you should join them. At these forums, ensure you listen attentively to find out about the best urgent care centers in your area. Not only should you choose a center where there is an ultrasound machine, you also want to ensure that you are treated in the right manner. That means finding a facility where the wait times are short and the doctors are courteous.

Join online forums

If you have an internet connection, you should join an online platform. Look for one that is specifically about women’s health issues. From there, you can pose a question about which urgent care center you should visit.

You will get numerous responses on where you should go. Besides that, you will be informed on which centers you should avoid. It could be because of multiple reasons such as slow workers and poor handling of issues.

Ask about the cost

It is not just enough to find an urgent care center, which offers ultrasound services; you also need to understand the price. Sometimes, the care can be great but the prices too exorbitant. Always ask about the pricing before visiting the urgent care center.

However, you should note that it might not be possible to get the pricing information until after you have been processed. Thus, you should think of asking others about the prices instead. Tell them to inform you how much they paid. It can be a great way for you to estimate how much you will pay for your visit. Besides that, you might want to know the kind of services you get for a certain amount.

How to Find an Urgent Care with MRI

8 Nov 2017 General Health

How to Find an Urgent Care with MRI

Urgent care centers have experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. They offer quality services at affordable prices. While anyone with a severe injury should still visit an emergency room such as, most other cases such as lacerations can be taken care of at an urgent care facility. If you think you may need to use an MRI machine to treat your condition, here are a few tips for finding one with MRI equipment.

Check their website

If an urgent care center has MRI facilities, it will no doubt have it listed on its website. Go to the site and find the tab where they list their services. Not only will they tell you whether they offer MRI services, but they will also tell you about the equipment.

MRI machines have evolved a lot in recent years. Modern machines can do the work in just minutes and use less magnetism. It will keep you safe as well as save on time. Being exposed to too much magnetism is not safe for anyone.

Besides that, modern machines can give detailed looks into the internal organs. That way, a better diagnosis can be made about your condition. Thus, you will get the medical attention you need before the condition escalates.

Call the Urgent care center

Sometimes, the urgent care center may have just acquired the MRI equipment, and they may not have had an opportunity to list it on their site. In such an instance, a phone call can help you to know if they offer MRI services.

Take time and ask about the equipment they have. You want to be sure that the center has the latest technology installed at the facility. Most urgent care facilities are still quite young, and they use the newest equipment. However, you want to be sure this is so for the facility you visit.

Besides that, MRI equipment often requires some maintenance. It may happen that their equipment is currently undergoing some upgrades. As such, it may not be available for use on the day that you require it. A phone call can help to ensure that you avoid making an unnecessary trip to the urgent care facility.

Ask your friends

If you have friends who have been to an urgent care center recently, you can give them a call. During the call, ask them if the facility has MRI services. Besides that, you want to ask them about insurance coverage. It will help to keep costs down by reducing the out of pocket payments. Besides that, you want to be sure that any out of pocket payments you have to make are low. Most urgent care centers charge lower than ERs, but you still want to find the one with the lowest rate.

After getting feedback from a few of your friends, you can now decide which one to visit. As part of the feedback, ensure they tell you about the general quality of service they got. For instance, ask them how long it took to get the scan performed. You want to find a facility that takes the least amount of time.

Check into operational hours

The urgent care facility needs to be operating when you visit it. Thus, it is crucial for you to find out about their operational hours. For instance, some urgent cares do not run on public holidays or the weekends.

Besides that, you may find that MRI scans are only performed in specific instances. For example, some facilities may only perform MRI scans once a week and just at certain hours. If you require an MRI scan at midnight, you need to be sure there will be a technician present to perform the scan.

Read reviews about the center

If you perform an online search of the facility, you will find numerous reviews about it. Read the reviews and weigh the pros and cons of visiting the facility. You can also read some of the reviews questions about what they did not like about the facility. It will help you understand why it has so many positive or negative reviews.

For instance, maybe they charge too much, or it takes too long for you to see the doctor. If these are issues, which are of no concern to you, you can proceed to visit the facility and get the MRI scan performed.

Check the location

Another issue of concern when finding an urgent care center should be the location. If the facility is too far away, it will not matter how little they charge since you will have to incur a considerable fuel cost. Besides that, you will have spent a lot of time on the road. It may make it hard for you to get your place of work in good time. Always check the location before deciding on which urgent care center to visit.

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